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It's not hard to let love in IF you know the steps to take! We're going to show you exactly what you need to quickly break down the walls, even if you've been hurt before. You can't afford to miss this!



This is the ONLY event of its kind for busy professional women designed to help you identify and overcome the hidden negative patterns keeping you from attracting the love you deserve.  


Who This is For
  • ​Busy professional woman who is frustrated with the love scene
  • ​Divorced woman who hasn’t been able to make a lasting connection
  • Never been married and feel like everyone else around you is finding love
  • ​ You are wondering when will it be my turn
  • ​and any other woman who desires to let love in, but not sure how!


Our company, has supported busy professional women in their journey to love. Yes many have found love, gotten married, and living the love life they only dreamed of.  

But before they could do that, they had to first let love in. 

Now, I want to teach you how to do the same.

One of the biggest lessons I've learned is that too many busy professional women build a wall of protection around themselves. 

The biggest threat is... your ideal mate may not be willing to swim in the lake, crab crawl through the mud , then scale the wall to get to you.

When you build this wall, it make get tighter and tighter and tighter , you risk the possible that you become so comfortable in your cocoon, that you could be alone forever.

Over the years, I've learned 3 undeniable facts about letting love in, which is your first love milestone:

Your Mindset Will Hold You Back If You Don't Know How to Control It.

Most people don't let love in because they fall victim to mindset traps that defeat you before you can even get going. 

You Need a Rock Solid Strategy to Let Love in as Possible.

There are essential steps to take, in order to let love in. Without these steps you'll be stuck spinning your wheels and hoping for connection, instead of making it happen. 

You Need to Know What to Do and When to Do It. 

When you discover the steps you need to know how to implement them. Without being able to execute the plan you'll never reach the amazing relationship you dream of.

During this 5-day challenge, I am going to share with you the quickest path to letting love in. Even if you're scared or been hurt before.  

This applies to both single and divorce professional women.

And it doesn't matter if you've been in single for 10 years or just started meeting new people week. This system works for anyone. 

I know that if you use these strategies they'll work and you can shift your relationships . SO LET'S GO!


During the bootcamp you’ll join a community of like-minded professional focused on changing their lives. We’ll pair you with accountability partners during the week to push through limiting beliefs and mindset challenges in order to get the work done.


Each day, you will receive a new live training from me, where I'll share a different strategy for letting love in. These are strategies you can begin to implement immediately to get results quickly.


It's all good to listen and take notes. But it means nothing without execution. You've got to take action!

During the CHALLENGE You’ll Learn:

DAY 01

1. The mindset traps that hold you back from success in love and how to overcome them.

2. What’s necessary to get unstuck and move forward in your love life as fast as possible.

3. The difference between how Professional Women in happy relationships operate vs. everyone else.


1. Why letting love in is the milestone and not the mountain top.

2. The 3 simple steps to learn what's been holding you back.

3. Hacks to get to the root.


1. The first steps you must take to let love in.

2. A timeline to let love in.

3. How to eliminate self inflicted hurdles along the way.
More Proof of What Happens when You Let Love In
Hear what people have to say about Coach Cass'  Love Coaching
I encourage you attend! This summit is the shift for single successful woman desiring more love in her life.
As a successful business woman, I live intentional, except when it came to my love life. In 2019, I decided that life is too great to journey alone. I attended the Success in Love Summit convinced that all the good men are taken and not sure if I could trust the ones left.
Glad I opened my mind to know I'm a "Wanted Woman" and there is a man praying for me to become his wife.
Ladies, just do it! If you have had a dry spell in the relationship area of your life. The Success in Love Summit is where you need to be. I was skeptical and was going to cancel at the last minute, but I'm so glad I didn't believe and act on the thoughts I was thinking. The thoughts of " My time has past for love" or "I will never find that ONE great guy to spend the rest of my life with, because they are all taken" (sound familiar?). The Success in Love Summit taught me that I get exactly what I expect and I expect to be loved and in a fabulous relationship. Make the investment in yourself and get to The Summit. It is an experience you'll never forget. ♥️
I would never have dated the guy I’m seeing if it wasn’t for Coach Cass. Now I am in a healthy, loving relationship where I can be myself and where I feel valued...and we just got married!
Listen, before working with Coach Cass I didn’t have a problem attracting men, it was just that I kept attracting the wrong man! She taught me what I needed to know to attract the right man and now we are on the road to marriage.
I thought love was over for me, due to working with Coach Cass now over the age of 60. I'm in the best relationship of my life!
           About Coach Cass
Coach Cass
When love eludes you, there is only one woman who can help you capture it—and she is Dr. Casandra “Coach Cass” Henriquez. An intuitive love coach, Coach Cass sets stages aflame as an in-demand speaker and as a TedX presenter. 

The creator of the Love Deck, dating conversation cards, her voice has graced the airwaves weekly on the #1 Radio show in South Florida and hosted the television show, Fiscally Fit. Coach Cass chronicled and featured by Woman’s Day, Fast Company, and Black Enterprise, to name a few. 

You can often find this bestselling author, relaxing on the beaches of the world with her husband Andy and daughter, Ava, jamming to reggae vibes.

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Let love in 3 day challenge FAQs
Is this challenge free?
Yes, the challenge is totally free. You’ll only have to invest your time and I guarantee that this will be the best investment you will make in your love life all year.
Will this work for me?
Yes, whether you are single, divorced, hesitant or scared, these strategies for letting love in.
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